About Saints Bot

Mechanical Build

Mechanical build revolves around the construction of the  robot from the drawings provided from the design team. Along with the construction, the build team tests and assists in the improved design and/or reassembly of the robot until it can accomplish all tasks.

Mechanical Design 

The mechanical design team at Saints Bot is all about, well, designing the finished robot that is ready to do the tasks at hand. We plan out what the parts of the robot do and find out the most efficient way to use them. Everyday we strive to discover new ideas, and figure out how to display the idea to the rest of the team. After all, the robot can never become reality, unless there’s a design.

Business and Safety

While the rest of the team is hard at work building our robot, the business team is also hard at work getting everything else ready and in order for game day . Our business team covers everything from marketing, public relations, accounting, safety, logistics, web design, graphics and much more. Everything from the posters, sponsors, t-shirts, safety procedures, and  paperwork are all brought to life with help and hard work from our business team made up of boys and girls from all grade levels. Thanks for your support and go Saints Bot!



Maintaining program code, fixing bugs, and implementing the robot’s functionality is just part of what we, the programming team, do every day. We work closely with the design, build, and electrical teams to make their vision a reality. Our students succeed, fail, and learn together to hone their programming artistry. We’re here to chew bubblegum and write code. And we’re all out of gum.


The electrical team is tasked with connecting all components of the robot to power. We research and test each component to know if we can use it to its full potential or if we need to cut back, making sure we have enough battery power to last the entire round. Basically we make things move.



Saints Bot (St. Anne High School)

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